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It is above all the desire that is important. You can’t force someone to steal. It is often said that it is from 4 years old or 25 kg for children.

It depends on the pilot’s weight and the size of his wing.

A light pilot can fly with a heavier passenger.

Conversely, a heavy pilot can fly with a lighter passenger.

For our team, the maximum passenger weight cannot exceed 110 kg

We are in the high mountains and our cruising speed is 35 km / h.

We strongly advise you to come equipped with pants, shoes, sweatshirt or sweater, windbreaker, sunglasses and your biggest smile!

Depending on demand and weather, the number of annual flights varies.

A pilot can perform between 500 and 800 tandem flights per year and up to 8 tandem flights per day.

It’s hard to believe but NO, there is no feeling of vertigo in paragliding.

When the feet are no longer in contact with the ground, there is no attraction to heights.

In addition, we fly seated in harnesses, an ultra comfortable harness!

Of course, no problem to fly with your phone.

However, in the event of loss or fall, it is your responsibility.

Otherwise, pilots are equipped with a GoPro camera and a pole.

make yourself comfortable, enjoy your flight, they’ll take care of everything!

To answer NOOOO would be lying to you.

Flying is unnatural and paragliding remains a risky sport.

However, you will be accompanied by a BE instructor with excellent knowledge of piloting, meteorology and alpine aerology. The equipment is new, revised and all equipped with reserve parachute. It is also possible to postpone the activity if the monitors feel that safety is in jeopardy. Minimizing the risks is our priority!

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