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The most important thing is to want to fly; you should never force anyone to try paragliding if they are not keen. But for those who do want to, we generally say from 4 years of age or a minimum of 25kg.

The answer to this question depends on the weight of the instructor (or pilot) as well as the size of his paragliding wing. Generally speaking, a lighter pilot can take a heavier passenger, while a heavier pilot can fly more safely with a lighter passenger. Based on the weight of our pilots, the maximum weight we can accept is 110kg.

We are flying at altitude and at speeds of around 35km/h, so we advise all passengers to wear trousers, closed shoes such as trainers, a jumper, a jacket or windbreaker, and sunglasses or goggles – as well as a big smile of course!

We don’t do the same number of flights every year, but as a general rule, a sinlge pilot can do between 500 and 800 flights each year, and can make 8 tandem flights per day.

It’s hard to believe but NO, you don’t get vertigo when you go paragliding. As your feet are no longer on the ground, there’s nowhere to fall off – especially as we fly in really comfortable harnesses!

Of course! But if you drop it or lose it, that’s your responsibility. Our pilots all carry GoPro cameras and selfie sticks. So why not relax and let them take the photos and videos of your flight?

To say NOOOO would be a lie; there are obvious risks involved when going paragliding. However, you will be in the safe hands of a fully qualified instructor with excellent piloting skills and a wealth of aerological knowledge. You also be flying with new equipment that has been professionally checked and is fitted with a safety parachute – just in case. If the instructor feels there is any danger, he or she will postpone your flight. Your safety is our priority!

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