Tandem paragliding in the 3 valleys

Tandem paragliding

Tandem paragliding flights in the 3 valleys. Bozel, Courchevel, Méribel.

We know things are complicated at the moment due to the health crisis. However, we will make every effort to respect the barrier gestures recommended by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and the French Federation of Free Flight.

Tandem paragliding

Discover the sport of paragliding by taking a tandem flight in the safe hands of our experienced, state-certified pilots. Relaxed, long-lasting, close proximity, and acrobatic flights are available; they will adapt to your desires. Bozel, Courchevel, or Méribel, on skis or on foot, you are going to love it!

In summer

Take off on foot and fly like a bird above the magnificent green valleys of the Tarentaise, taking in the stunning lakes, waterfalls and Vanoise glaciers. The contrasts are sublime and you will be in the best place to enjoy them! For an extra dose of excitement, just ask your pilot to hit adrenaline mode...

And in winter

Whether on skis or a snowboard, slide into your tandem paragliding flight and enjoy a whole new mountain experience. This fairytale flight takes you close to the slopes and snow-covered forests, and can be as gentle or as exciting as you like. Take in the beautiful views as you soar through the air - or ask your pilot to up the adrenalin with some acrobatic moves!

A unique experience

All our pilots have extensive experience of flying in the Tarentaise valleys, as well as expertise in piloting, meteorology and alpine aerology. choose the flight style that best suits you, and let them show you the summits as you have never seen them before. It will take your breath away!

Our flights

Change your scenery with a paragliding tandem flight

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15 à 20 min - 100€

Flight Decouverte

Longue glissade dans la vallée avec vue sur les glaciers

25 à 35 min - 130€

Flight Ascendances

Prenez de l'altitude et volé comme les rapaces

25 à 35 min - 250€ - 2 personnes

Flight Simultane

Partagez l'expérience inoubliable de volé l'un avec l'autre

5 to 7 mins - 80€

Short winter flight

Available from December

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12 to 15 mins - 120€

Long winter flight

Available from December

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Boz'aile Parapente

Bozel recreational Area
73350 Bozel